Integrated Computer Technology Communications

ICTC Product Line

Integrated Computer Technology Communications, Inc. offers hundreds of products at our local store here in Augusta Georgia. You can asscess many of our computer products and accessories here on our website "". Just navigate to "Store Products" by clicking on the pictured link just to the left. There, you can get details about many of our computer and accessories.

ICTC Computer Repair Services

ICTC Technology have been providing computer repair services in the Augusta area for over 12 years and in Georgia for over 20 years. We implement cutting edge technology in our repair process. This help us to provide our customers with quick, precise and accurate repair service to laptop & desktop computers. We provide repair services for both PC and Apple Computers. Most or our repairs are done within 24-hours.

Integrated Technology Services

Integrated Computer Technology Communications, Inc. offers a variety services, that include Website Technology, Computer Networking & Computer Repair. We, also operate several e-commerce stores that include Ebay and Amazon. We sale Electrical Devices, Lab Equipment, Medical Equipment, and more. You can view some of our online products by navigating to the "Product Line Page" and click on "Online Products" link on this website..